Friday, October 4, 2013

Day at the Park

We landed from our vacation yesterday (post to follow after I sort through the pics) and after a day recovering from a red eye flight we decided we needed to get out in China.  The weather was perfect, about 75F, blue skies, clouds and great air quality.  Love days like this since they can be few and far between.  This is still the "Golden Week" so today was a holiday which could have been an issue with crowds, but luckily it wasn't!.

We decided to head over to Puxi and go to the Jing'An Sculpture Park.  We had been over there without kids one day, but thought the boys would enjoy seeing it.  I didn't take nearly as many pictures of the sculptures this time.  It wasn't that crowded there so we walked around for awhile and made a sad attempt to mimic statues.  Doesn't everyone do this?
 This isn't a mimic, but I was able to get a picture of this little rascal.  He has been a challenge to get good pics of lately.  Maybe when he turns four it will be better, maybe!!!

And of course it wouldn't be a day out in China without our boys drawing the eye of the paparazzi.  I'm finding it makes me feel better taking pictures of them taking pictures of my boys.  I know it shouldn't bug me since I get excited if I get a good shot and like to take pictures of people, but it's just that it goes on and on.  This lady sat there and took dozens of pictures of both boys.  After her, a nice old man came up with a video camera and started saying hi to the boys.  Both of them now just cover their faces with their hands when they get tired.

Whenever you go to a park in China you find so many different activities.  Some people have music stands set up and are playing their instruments they brought, others are doing cross stitch, some tai chi, many mahjongg and others painting Mandarin characters on the pavement with a glass of water and a large paintbrush.  I have no idea what it says, but it's really pretty.  We walked around a corner and came upon these four men talking and drawing.  A few locals would stop and admire what they were doing and then move on.  The boys were fascinated by the water painting.  M stood there for at least a minute or two just watching.  Little R would occasionally peak around the column and lose interest.  The men I think were just as enchanted with M as he was with what they were doing.  The man in the white shirt came over and gave the brush to M and had him start drawing.  We quickly had to tell him to be gentle with the brush and that it was not a toy.  He wrote out his name and his brother had to do the same thing.  I can honestly tell you that these men thoroughly enjoyed watching them write.  It was a really nice moment.

After the park we went to Bistro Burger for lunch, they are known for their burgers and milkshakes.  Unfortunately today they were out of vanilla and chocolate ice cream so only strawberry was available.  Luckily the boys had a change of heart and decided that would work out better than not having one at all.  Once we were done we were going to try and head to Century Park by us in Pudong.  When we drove up the line to get in was backed up into the street at every entrance we passed.  We quickly decided we had already made the most of our outing and that facing that large of a crowd wasn't something we wanted to do today.  We headed home and sat in our front yard while the boys rode bikes and played in the street.  Great day enjoying the wonderful weather!

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