Monday, September 23, 2013

Pottery and Tiaras

Many times in China you find yourself in search of...insert noun here.  Often it's a highly desired container of sour cream or ricotta cheese.  There are text messages between friends when the coveted item is found only to hear it was the last one.  Thus is life over here.

My friend texted me one morning and asked if I wanted to go in search of pottery and tiaras.  I know a strange combination, but you just go with it and don't ask many questions!

The pottery she was looking for wasn't just any old pottery, but that which is painted for Christmas, Halloween and college teams. Yep, that's what we were looking for in China.  She had a sheet of paper with a picture of the person that created these pieces and an address.  I couldn't tell you where we went, but I know it was not a place I had been to before.  The driver couldn't drive in some of the areas so we walked.  And of course it started raining!

We crossed a bridge and water that was a fascinating green color.  Which at the time didn't even register, but when I looked at the pictures and started editing I was shocked at how green it really was.  Makes the fact we don't drink water from the faucet over here a pretty good plan.

Once we crossed the bridge we got to an area that looked similar to other markets we had each been to.  Many stores selling plants and pottery.  

We came across this car with a tall plant sticking out of its sunroof.  It was probably the nicest car in the area that day.  

Once we got to the store, it took a few phone calls and charades to determine that the lady had moved.  The store owner offered to drive my friend and I in the back of his cart to the new location, but we kindly declined.  I still think the photo opportunities with that would have been priceless!

The man from the store hopped onto his scooter and away we went following on foot.  He would stop periodically to ensure we were still in fact following him.

We finally got to the store and there was a single card table with the pottery we were in search of.  The dirt on it was thick and required the man washing it to see the quality.  I of course didn't get a picture of the table.  I forgot, bad I know.  I'm working on this photography thing...

I did get a picture of the store.  This was just the front half.  The back half was more of the same.

 We each picked what we wanted and my friend started the negotiating.  After time invested from both the lady that had the pottery and us searching you would think an agreement would be met.  We were clearly the only "laowai" (Mandarin for foreigner) in the entire area.  Today was not the day though.  We walked away from the goods and the lady walked away from the sale.  Sometimes the hunt is worth more than the prize.  Plus do we really need more items to clutter our homes?  :-)

After that we went to the Commodities market in Yuyuwan to buy tiaras.  I hadn't been there, but it is a hodge podge of pretty much anything you need.  You want a blow dryer?  They have it.  You want a wig for a costume?  Yep have that.  You want art and craft supplies?  Got it.  You want tiaras?  Yep have those too.

Crazy!  I didn't take my camera out in there since we were on a mission and with limited time.  This is a quick shot from my phone to give you an idea.  Don't you love the underwear display?
Fun day and the start of me taking my camera out more whenever I go somewhere.  I still get nervous shooting in public.  I can't stand the thought of someone yelling at me, but I want to capture the places we are going and the things we are doing.  My mind won't be able to remember all of the details even a month from now!

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  1. Crazy day! We will do Commodities Market again when we have more than 15 minutes, I mean 30 minutes, I mean 45 minutes. :)