Tuesday, September 17, 2013

365 Days 18-22

Trying to play catch up on my 365.  A lot of these are from our trip home this summer.

Day 18 - M helping Daddy wash our front door which was sooooooo dirty!

Day 19 - We finally made it up to our cottage and loved looking out at the water.  I feel the most peace and opportunity to reflect when I am there.  This was a very needed trip for us due to a stressful visit home this summer.

Day 20 - Sunset at the cottage.

Day 21 - I have to admit I caved and bought more toys and things than I normally do for the kids.  There was a lot of bribing for good behavior and treating with purchases.  Not my finest parenting moment, but it worked nonetheless.  One rainy day at the cottage we went into town and they each got a stuffed animal.  R who swore he was not tired and did not need a nap managed to fall asleep on "Mike" from Monsters Inc.

Day 22 - We went to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town.  When you walk back to the parking lot there is this great red wall.  I asked R to stop and smile nicely.  At three years old, this ends up being "nicely".  It could be worse!

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