Tuesday, September 17, 2013

365 Day 23-27

Day 23 - I asked all my boys to lay down on the grass, but only two listened to me!  This may be one of my favorite pictures!  The look on both of their faces just gets me. And the way they are holding hands shows just how much they love each other!

Day 24 - This is the one that refused to lay down on the grass the day before.  The look on his face screams he is up to no good and is a trouble maker!

Day 25 - We had a few friends over before we headed back to China.  One of their daughters wanted to pose for me.  Just to show how I am still learning, it never dawned on me that I had placed her where a tree was growing straight out of her head.  Thankfully a friend helped point that out to me.  Always learning on this photography journey....

Day 26 - The family dental appointment.  All four of us had our teeth cleaned.  Everyone did great!  I shot this into the mirror of the boys playing on the iPad.  Cool fact, our dentist's son is an Olympic gold medal swimmer in the last two Olympics!  Those are picture frames with brochures and pictures from our dentist's trips.

Day 27a - Yes that is an "a" and yes there are two pictures for Day 27.  I just couldn't decide and I loved them both.  M wanted the swing raised up and asked Dad to fix it for him.  These boys miss their playset so much!

Day 27b - We walked down to the creek behind our house and I asked M to sit on a rock for me.  He's starting to let me take more and more pictures, but does ask for M&M's afterwards!!

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