Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School Begins...

This week school started for the boys. This was the first time going to preschool for R.  I have read a ton of "Llama Llama Misses Mama" the past week.  And I always highlight the part where Mama Llama comes back, so much so that R will say the words before I do.

The boys were excited to put their backpacks on and head to school.
When we got there M held R's hand and we took R to his classroom first, the Panda Class.  M was such a good big brother he helped him switch to his inside shoes and showed him where to put his outdoor shoes.  He hugged him and told him to be brave.  I couldn't have been more proud and I definitely misted up.  R was a bit reluctant, but I promised I would come and say bye after taking M to his room.  M attended this school for about 4 weeks in May/June and another 3 weeks for a summer program.  In May there were a lot of tears and it was a struggle to walk into the room.  Luckily he has matured a bunch and the teacher noticed it as well.  M gave me a big hug, walked to the door ran back and gave me a second one, smiled, turned around and walked right into the classroom, the Dragon class  What a big boy he's becoming.  I went back downstairs and said good-bye to R and he went in and started playing no problem.

School is Monday-Friday 9-3 for both of them, however, for R we decided to start him 1/2 days and we were originally going to only do Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, similarly to how M started in the states.  When I picked him up at 12:30, after lunch, he loved it and had so much fun.  The Panda and Dragon classes play together at the outside playground.  Both teachers told me that the boys found each other and gave big hugs, played a bit together and then played with others.  M's teacher told me M was worried about R going back to Panda class and his teacher told him he would be fine. M ran over and hugged him in line and went back to his room.

Very proud of both the boys. R wanted to go back on Tuesday so we let him.  He was a bit reluctant to walk in, but when I picked him up, he was so excited.  His teacher can't get over how mature he is.  She obviously doesn't see him at home!!!!!  He has her fooled already.  We will see how the week goes, but we may lengthen R's time each day.  He seems to enjoy it so much and we both expect him to thrive in that environment just like M did.  When I went back to get M at 3 the first words out of his mouth, while looking all over were "where's my little brother?"
Sweet boys, proud Mama and Daddy.

We joined a gym this week in hopes of making ourselves a priority and getting healthier!  It has a great play area for kids, a swimming pool and a kids pool.  Ridiculously expensive, which seems to be the norm for China from a cost of living standpoint.  We are hoping to get a lot of use out of it.  I've been using the clubhouse in our neighborhood, which has worked, but has no air conditioning until you get there and turn it on.  When its 90+ degrees it takes awhile for it to cool down.

Hopefully with the boys in school and life settling into somewhat of a routine soon this blog will be updated more frequently.


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