Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taste of Home....Almost

On Sunday M woke up at 3am crying that his ear hurt. He has had colds and such, but at almost 4 has avoided the dreaded ear infection. I was able to get him into the doctor at 9am and thankfully it was the office close to our house. She was surprised he wasn't crying about both his ears since they were so badly infected. We were in and out and got M's first antibiotics. I was a bit nervous being here and trying them for the first time. So far no issues and they seem to be doing the job.  Mixing powdered medicine into something that masks the taste has been a whole different problem.  So far liquid yogurt has done the trick.

After the doctors visit a friend of ours was out with her family in Puxi at Krispy Kreme donuts. Puxi is across the river from Pudong where we live.  My mouth started watering. I love them.  They stopped by and dropped off a half a dozen!!!!  
They were good and tasted like donuts, but weren't quite as good as back home. The taste was a bit off, trust me the boys and I enjoyed them nonetheless!  M seemed to cheer up, since he is like his Mom and loves donuts.  Sadly I had just made some trail mix in an attempt to be healthier about an hour before the surprise donut drop.  Maybe next time!  

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