Thursday, June 7, 2012


I will probably go back and forth a bit telling stories and updates from the past two months.  M started preschool shortly after we arrived.  Big difference from home.  M went three days a week from 9-12 and here in Shanghai its Monday through Friday, 9-3.  M was taking 2.5-3 hour afternoon naps up until the day before he started.The start of school was a bit rough.  M was exhausted when he came home and refused to eat the first couple days.  We started putting him to bed by 7pm and he would sleep until 7 or 7:30.  After a few days he started eating and had a lot of fun.

They celebrated Mother's Day at school by inviting the Mom's in for breakfast served by the kids.  They made name cards the day before.  M is showing me which table I was seated at and where my name was.
We were given menus to select what we wanted for breakfast.  I picked a banana, yogurt, bread with nutella and orange juice.  Matthew then took the menu to the front to make my plate.  That is "Teacher Tom" on the right.
I didn't quite get what I ordered.  I got the banana and the oj.  M insisted on peeling three hard boiled eggs, when I asked why that many he said, "because I am three years old." The bread has garlic spread and jelly on it, which thankfully Teacher Tom warned me.  However, M really liked it and ate the whole piece.  Not my idea of yummy, ha.

M was so proud serving me breakfast.  I met some really nice moms.  Hopefully we will get a chance to have a couple playgroups this summer. Love the smile on his face.

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