Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Here We Go....

There have been a number of you who have suggested I start a blog in conjunction with our great adventure.  Well we are two months past our official arrival in Shanghai, better late than never.  Unfortunately with my technical background, writing is not my strong suit, so please bear with me.  Mainly this will be a place to capture our experiences, journeys and everyday moments.

We took this picture the day after we got to China.  It is in our neighborhood and we walk by it all the time.  There are constantly people working on the landscaping.  When the flowers are 75% done they will trim bushes (azaleas) or pull the flowers and re-plant knew flowers.  It is crazy how much effort goes into it.

This entry is short and sweet.  Learning the blogging ropes.  I have every intention of posting regularly.  I'm not making any promises......  Thanks!

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