Wednesday, February 12, 2014


My friends are being good sports when they hang out with me.  I've started to take my camera everywhere.  We stopped for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant along this boardwalk.  In the warmer weather each of these restaurants have outside seating.  This place is walking distance from our house. Often times you see a lot of cats in this area, today it was pretty empty.

Once you walk down the stairs from the boardwalk there are always people selling DVD's.  Anything you want. There are at least two different "stores" in this picture.

If you walk a little bit further around the corner there is a fruit guy.  He is there most days and we buy a lot of our fruit there.  My husband likes how consistent his quality is versus some of the stuff we might have delivered.

 After lunch, my friend needed a warm winter coat so we went to the market.  There are dozens and dozens of stores.  Purses, coats, jerseys, shoes, electronics and so many others.  For some reason it was pretty quiet this afternoon.
 At one end of the market is the pearl market.  Each stall is an individual store.  Lots and lots of selection.  This is a dangerous place for people who like jewelry!

 At the end of our trip we spied this adorable sleeping baby.  The people that work in these stores are there from the time they open until the closing, seven days a week.  It is normal to see sleeping people and babies everywhere you look.  Actually that's a whole different post on sleeping people everywhere, think couches at Ikea and such.
So different than shopping back home in the States!

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