Thursday, September 19, 2013

365 Day 30

We were able to get back up to the cottage before heading back to China.  Even though we had made it up there one other time we never really relaxed like we usually do.  There were too many issues at our house that had to be taken care of and fixed.  

This was a few days before flying back and the first time either one of us were able to unwind.  We actually both slept straight through the night.  It's amazing what stress can do to you.

My husband has a fascination with campfires.  It's his favorite thing when we go up north.  He could make a fire every single night and be in heaven.  I swear it's the Eagle Scout in him!  We wanted the boys to enjoy a few campfires this year.  Last year they were in bed before it was dark enough.  This year they stayed up late and roasted marshmallows with us.  They loved it and want campfires all of the time now! 

If we can raise our boys to be half as compassionate and caring as my Eagle Scout I will be so thankful!

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