Sunday, June 23, 2013

Swim Lessons

Both boys finished there swim lessons this week.  We will start back up in August.  M made huge improvements this last class.  He gained confidence and actually swam by himself and repeatedly put his face in the water.  M has had a deep fear of any water on his head, face and especially going underwater since he was very young.  We aren't sure where it came from, but it's been a challenge.  This week at school his class went swimming.  We think peer pressure helped him that same day for swimming class.  Coach David and I were so proud of him!  We couldn't believe it.  Every time he put his face straight down in the water he would keep it there longer and longer.  He hadn't put his face in the water ever the entire time he has been in lessons.  He's gone underwater a handful of times, but has been very upset afterwards.  So much progress this week!
 I don't love the picture behind M, but I love how he's about to jump into the water!
R loves the water.  He swam for about 30 seconds by himself.  He has so much joy when he swims , he either has a permanent grin or he's coughing up all the water he's swallowing.  It's either one or the other no in between with him.  Even in the picture with just his eyes you can tell he's smiling.  It could be why chokes so much!
We are so lucky to have someone the boys like so much teaching them.

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