Sunday, April 14, 2013

Everyday - April 14

Great day to play outside.  Weather was warm in the 70's.  The flowers on the bushes as you walk to our front door are starting to die.

It's strange to have leaves on the ground at spring time.  A storm went through two weeks ago with a lot of rain and wind.  It looked like a fall day afterwards.

Our friends were done with this slide so they gave it to us for the yard.  Makes for a great tunnel when you are having noodle wars.

Daddy played golf this morning so the boys needed to get their clubs out to play when he got home.  In the background are the flower pots the neighborhood puts up at each intersection.  We think it's to slow the crazy drivers down, especially the taxi cabs.  We are on constant look out for one coming around the corner and getting the boys out of the way.

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